If you need to create some smoke on a small scale, like for a product shot or close up, you may not have to rent a bulky smoke/fog/haze machine to do it. Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter has come up with a nifty DIY solution that utilizes some inexpensive—albiet somewhat strange—materials, including a baby nose sucker and a vape pen. Check out his tutorial below:

In case you're wondering, no, you won't have to smoke the vape pen or anything; that's what the baby nose sucker is for. Furthermore, if you're concerned about being exposed to nicotine, you can actually get e-juice that has zero nicotine in it. Still, if you're not at least 18 (21 in some states, like Oregon), this isn't for you.

While those nose suckers (bulb syringes) are super cheap (like $1), vapes are going to be a little more pricey, depending on what kind you get and where you get it. If you go with an e-cig, you're looking at about $10-$50, but if you go with a mod, which have built-in batteries and atomizer tanks (in other words, less parts to purchase separately), it'll be about $30-$100.

Here are the materials Pike used for the tutorial:

  • Battery (He suggests a 15w battery or higher.)
  • Tank
  • Liquid/e-juice (Make sure to get one without nicotine.)
  • Baby nose sucker

It's not a perfect solution for creating smoke and you won't be able to fill a room this way, but it will definitely do the trick if you want to add a little atmosphere to a smaller shot.

Source: DSLR Video Shooter