Director Barry Jenkins' 14 Favorite Films from the Criterion Collection

What kinds of films pique the interest of Oscar-winning filmmaker Barry Jenkins?

Have you ever dreamed of entering the Criterion closet and perusing their massive collection of historically and culturally important films? If you're a cinephile, you probably have, but if you're a celebrated filmmaker, like director Barry Jenkins, you actually get to do it. Back in November, while promoting what would become the future Oscar-winning film Moonlight, Jenkins visited Criterion and was invited to thumb through their library, and he not only got to live every cinephile's dream, but he also had the exact response every cinephile would have once being enveloped in all of that cinematic goodness:

"This is a bit overwhelming. There's too much good shit in here."

Here are Jenkins' top Criterion picks:

The great thing is that all of these films can be purchased on Criterion, so if you're interested, each title has a link to its respective Criterion page.     

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weekend goals: to get through as many of these as possible

June 3, 2017 at 9:05AM

John Haas

That's actually 31 films, or more, depending on how you count the Dekalog...

June 3, 2017 at 10:22AM, Edited June 3, 10:22AM