Sony's New Projector Turns Anything into a Touch Screen

The future is now.

Sony first unveiled its prototype for the Xperia Touch Projector back in February at the Mobile World Conference, and even then the concept was groundbreaking. Essentially, the Xperia Touch is a projector that you hook up to your Android phone, but unlike any other projector before, you can actually then use any surface the image is projected on as if it is a touchscreen.

Equipped with Android Nougat, the Xperia Touch can do just about anything an Android tablet can do. Whatever apps, videos or games you'd use on your phone can now be used on virtually any surface within your reach. And while Sony seems to mainly be marketing the device as a "family hub", or a tool for meetings, the implications for what this technology could bring further down the line are vast.

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Imagine having your NLE software blown up onto the surface of your choosing, to edit your film by touch. The device displays images anywhere from 23” to 80” at 1336x768 resolution. What's more, you could then project the finished project seamlessly, or even take video calls with collaborators all on the same device. It comes equipped with a 13-megapixel camera with built-in microphone and quality stereo speakers for clear video call conversations and audio, plus 32GB of built-in memory with an expandable memory microSD slot.

The product is available now through Amazon, although it may be a bit early for broke filmmakers to be purchasing the Xperia for $1,699.99. The technology, however, is definitely something to keep an eye on. And let's face it, the thing is just pretty damn cool. 

It seems the Xperia Touch is also destined to be popular. In the time it took me to write this article, the product already sold out on Amazon. You can still grab one at select T-Mobile stores in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and the Sony Square display room in New York City.     

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"The future is now."

Well, this kind of projectors are quite old ;-)
I have already seen them on Amazon many years ago (projected keyboards).

October 13, 2017 at 12:18PM

Steadicam Operator/Owner

OK that sounds pretty cool, and fun but how did discussing it being great for NL editing get combined with "up to 23” to 80” at 1336x768" ????? What are you going to do with a giant projected image with a 16 pixels per inch screen?! That also leaves out whether or not you can hook these things up to a standard graphics card, which it does not appear to do right now. So we are not quite in Minority Report territory yet...
And at $1700 no less? You could get FOUR Acer T232HL 23" HD touch screens for less than that (they run $312 each). Again, cool "concept" but they need to bring it into reality and make it a reasonable and more useful "product."

October 13, 2017 at 2:14PM

Douglas Bowker
Animation, Video, Motion-Graphics

"Broke filmmakers." Did you know that you can be a filmmaker, and not be broke? Just saying. :) Other than that. Pretty damn cool!

October 13, 2017 at 4:42PM


It's amazing, though the ad seems to be little amateurish...

October 16, 2017 at 11:53PM, Edited October 16, 11:53PM

You voted '-1'.
Sameir Ali
Director of Photography