There are so many cinematic tools that will stabilize, slide, and swivel your camera all over the place, allowing you to get pretty much any dynamic shot you want. The only problem with that is buying them. Amassing these rigs can get extremely expensive, which is why it's always a good idea to know a few cheap DIY alternative rigs that you can build yourself at home. In this video from PremiumBeat, you not only get to see a few of these rigs in action, but you get to learn how to build them, as well.

The great thing about many of these DIY builds is that they're relatively simple to put together, as long as you have all of the tools and materials you need. Granted, there were a few slightly questionable rigs in the video—the SwifferCam had some pretty shaky images and may require a little more finesse, weight, or both—but the general ideas behind them are actually pretty clever.

As you make these DIY rigs, remember that safety is the most important thing. Be sure to secure your camera, C-stands, and whatever else could injure you your crew, or others.

Source: PremiumBeat