February 22, 2018

Rokinon Adds Full Frame 50mm Lens to 'SP' Line

Rokinon's SP 50mm F1.2 for Canon EF is officially released. 

Rokinon has released its third lens in the Special Performance 'SP' line (XP under Samyang). The manual focus 50mm F1.2 prime accompanies the SP 85mm F1.2 and SP 14mm F2.4 and can easily capture 8K video and 50 megapixel photos. Currently made only for full frame Canon EF mounts, it can be used with APS-C models where it will provide a 75mm equivalent focal length on cameras like the Canon EOS 80D. 

Rokinon SP 50mm F1.2
Rokinon SP 50mm F1.2Credit: Rokinon

The high speed lens touts a 9-blade aperture and is made from 11 lenses in 8 groups. This includes one aspherical and one high-refractive lens element to minimize aberrations and increase sharpness. Additionally, the same ultra multi-coating on the 14/85mm focal lengths can be found on the 50mm to suppress ghosting and flare and increase contrast and color fidelity. Its all metal construction has an ergonomically designed shape and smooth grip that improve upon the Auto Focus and Digital Photo lens series. 

The manual focus will require an experienced hand, so for those who prefer auto focus, the SP line might not be your best choice. Its electronic aperture is also something to note as it lacks manual aperture control for cinematographers. However, the high quality, shallow focus images the lenses do yield could be worth a look for those searching for a cheaper alternative. 

Street price for the Rokinon SP 50mm F1.2 is expected to be $899 and available in April 2018. 

Tech Specs

  • 50mm Special Performance 'SP' 
  • Full Frame 
  • Canon EF
  • Aperture Range: F1.2 - 16
  • 11 Glass Elements in 8 Groups 
  • Ultra Multi-Coating
  • Min Focusing Distance: 1.48' (0.45m)
  • Filter Size: 86mm
  • Diaphragm Blades: 9

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Not a cine lens, and Rokinon/Samyang has a history of making shitty lenses.

February 23, 2018 at 8:19PM

David Gurney

David –

Correct, this is not a cine lens.

If you're looking for them from Rokinon/Samyan, look into XEEN or less expensive Cine/Cine DS line.

If they are "shitty lenses" – depending on your workflow – suggest looking into Zeiss CP.3, Zeiss/Arri Master Primes, Cooke Panchro/S7i/5i/S2, Primo Primes/Zooms, Angenieux Optimos, Hawk/Vantage... the Frazier lens if you you're in need an interesting DOF. Sigma makes a Cine line, but haven't tested those. List goes on, as you may know.

Hope that helps.

February 26, 2018 at 10:45PM

Daron James