Filmmaking is like a game of Monopoly. In the beginning, it sounds super fun, recruiting people to play is easy, and strategizing is a happy act of pure excitement and positivity. Then, halfway into it, you're out of money, you've got no complete color groups, and you're ready to turn over the board and call it quits. 

Well, wait a second before you flip your shit completely because many times the problem in both filmmaking and Monopoly is that you haven't invested your time or money where it truly matters. In this video, the team over at The Film Look discusses how to "play the filmmaking game" more wisely, what to expect as you make your way around the board, and highlighting the important "properties" that you should really consider investing in. Check it out below:

This video may be a fun way to learn about the basic process of film production, from writing the first draft of the screenplay to delivering the final cut of your film, but it actually has a very important lesson in it that all filmmakers should learn early on: Be a wise investor.

There are so many different aspects of filmmaking that require your time, energy, and money, but since you only have a limited supply of each of them, you need to be able to discern not only how much you can afford to give to each one but also which ones are worth giving anything at all. For example, you might decide that giving your film a polished, high-quality color grade is 100% necessary, but maybe you opt out of hiring an expensive professional colorist in favor of immersing yourself in grading tutorials and doing it yourself for free.

Knowing where to invest your assets is key to successfully producing your film, so take inventory of what you have, decide what is absolutely necessary to bring your vision to life, and then make your way around the board like the ruthless silver top hat that you are!

Source: The Film Look