Every now and again it's fun to have fun? Right? Fun is fun! And what's more fun to a filmmaker than putting your camera to the test to see if it can capture some strange footage? Luckily, the Corridor Crew, who are basically professionals at strapping cameras onto things just to see what the world looks like from weird vantage points, have done just that in their latest video. They've taken an Insta 360 One Action Cam, rigged it up to an arrow, and shot that thing into the sky to see if they could capture some cool looking tiny planet shots. Check it out below:

If you're getting a strange feeling of deja vu, no, you're not crazy; the Corridor Crew has done this whole arrow thing before with a GoPro HERO Session. However, this test is a hell of a lot less labor intensive, considering the fact that they didn't have to rotate the frame in post to counteract the rotation of the arrow. All that was needed were a few custom arrow parts: a camera mount, a stick mount, and a "notch." The 3D printing .stl files of which are available here. So, if you have access to a 3D printer and are interested in potentially putting your 360 camera in harm's way, you might want to give this whole thing a try.

Source: Corridor Crew