If you're heading out for a long shoot, especially if you're running-and-gunning it, the last thing you want to do is carry around a bunch of heavy gear. In terms of the essentials, cameras and lenses usually aren't much of a chore in terms of size and weight, but tripods tend to be much more challenging to haul when traversing over difficult terrain for long periods of time. This is a problem Lumapod aims to solve.

Having surpassed its Kickstarter goal by 840%, the Lumapod is an ultra-compact tension-held tripod/monopod/selfie stick for smartphones, action, DSLR, and mirrorless cameras that sets up in just 4 seconds. The idea behind its design replaces compression parts (traditional legs) with tensioning components (Kevlar Ropes) to make this tripod as lightweight, sturdy, and portable as possible. Check out its campaign video below to learn more:

The Lumapod comes in two flavors, the Go85 and the Go120, both of which are customized for specific demands of different kinds of filmmakers:

  • Go85: Weighs 0.88 lbs., extends to 33.5 in., has a 2.2 lb. weight capacity, comes with terrain levelers for uneven terrain
  • Go120: Weighs 1.65 lbs., extends to 46.3 in., and has a 4.4 lb. weight capacity, comes with modular leg extensions, and other add-on capabilities

Both versions have a telescopic design that shrinks down to 11.4" and 15.35" respectively, which is certainly small enough to fit inside your gear bag along with your camera and lenses. It's supported by a high-grade aluminum base and Kevlar tension ropes and features many interesting add-ons and accessories. A Lumapod Go85 kit includes a carrying case, phone holder, GoPro mount, mini ball head, and a thread adapter, while the Go120 includes a compact Z-plate. If you want to bolster your setup, you can also purchase dolly-wheel extensions, terrain leveler extensions, Bluetooth remote, quick-release plate, traveling sling, and compact ball head a la carte.






This thing was fully funded within 90 minutes of the campaign's launch of Kickstarter, so clearly there is a nerve being struck amongst hobbyists and professionals alike. You may not feel comfortable ditching your expensive tripod that has all the bells and whistles, but for your run-and-gun and casual shoots, you might want to take a closer look at Lumapod. Here are the current prices for the Go85 and Go120, but understand they'll change once the Lumipod goes retail.

  • Go85: $90 - $450 depending on the kit you choose
  • Go120: $130 - $648 depending on the kit you choose

You can also get a kit that includes both versions plus all of the available included accessories (not the a la carte items) for about $300.

Head on over to the Lumapod Kickstarter campaign to learn more.

Source: Kickstarter