April 8, 2019
NAB 2019

New Moza SlyPod is a Slider/Monopod Hybrid, Plus Guru360Air Gimbal for 360° Cameras

We haven't seen a monopod like this before.

Moza, known best for their gimbals, now brings a monopod / slider hybrid product. Weighing just 2lbs, this monopod has motorized control speed and mount for tripod. No information about pricing and availability yet, but we'll be keeping out eyes out for this one.

Moza Slypod

  • Claiming Vertical Payload 39lbs / Horizontal payload of 26lbs 
  • Remote control via app
  • CAN Bus which can be connected to multiple MOZA products through the Multi-CAN port
  • Weighs 2lbs
  • Weatherproof

Moza Guru360Air

  • Gimbal designed specifically for 360° cameras including Insta360
  • Designed to keep everything underneath the camera
  • $800

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The slider-pod is clever, I guess, but what's the travel on that thing? I can't see any information about actual travel distance on their website - maybe 12"? Also, is it mountable other places on the stick, or just right at the end where the sliding mechanism happens - I'm thinking for vertical shots, if you could mount it low on the stick, you could start at something close to 10 feet and have it raise from there, might be an interesting option.

April 10, 2019 at 5:24PM

Matthew Swanson