Atomos has officially released its latest firmware update (which was demonstrated at IBC 2019) for the Shogun 7, AtomOS 10.3, which promises to be much more than an incremental update. In fact, the company contends that this update is so significant, it will be visually noticeable if you compare the Shogun 7 before and after installation of the update.

If you need a visual reference, check out the video below from Atomos:

AtomOS 10.3 leverages the Shogun 7’s 360 zone backlight to effectively double the output from 1500 nits up to a searing 3000 nits of peak brightness. Just to be clear, this is not globally doubling the brightness of their panel, rather, it uses highly localized controls to allow much more accurate HDR monitoring. That means that your blacks will remain truly black, and not lifted or milky, while providing up to 3000 nits for the brightest part of your scene. As a result, it is still recommended to use the 1500 nit “daylight” mode for when you are outside and just need to see a brighter image on the display.

This update allows the operator to make more informed decisions on exposure, allowing for display of 15+ stops of dynamic range, depending on your camera’s stated capabilities. This will be particularly useful when analyzing the highlights of the image, and will automatically kick in when using PQ or HLG modes. You can still hit the 3000 nit level in Rec. 709 or “native” viewing modes, however you will have to enable this setting manually.


This scene-based image processing allows for Dolby Vision live output over HDMI to select supported Dolby Vision compatible displays, like the LG C8 and E8 series. Because this works with both log input straight from a camera, as well as playback from the SSD, this will be as appreciated on-set as it will be in the edit room. Nothing is more import than being able to accurately analyze your image when aiming for HDR finishing.

But that’s not all! This update also enables support of the 2K 240p RAW output over SDI from the Sony FS700 and FS5 (with RAW options installed), FS5 MkII, and FS7 MkI and MkII (in conjunction with the XDCA-FS7 back), as well as the Panasonic Varicam LT and EVA-1. This will allow you to not only capture these formats, but also, critically, play the clips back at their intended frame rate for review.

This is a FREE update available to all Shogun 7 users, and can be downloaded at Atomos.

All you will need to do is visit the link above and download the ZIP file containing the update. Unzip the file and place the file “ATOMSG7.FW” onto the root level of a freshly formatted SSD. Connect your Shogun 7 to AC power and ensure that the monitor is off. Next, insert the SSD containing the update and turn on your Shogun 7, from here, the firmware update will automatically commence. It's that easy!

Source: Atomos