Blackmagic looks to cut the time it takes to edit your projects with a new Speed Editor designed specifically for DaVinci Resolve

Key Features

  • Source tape allows faster clip searching
  • Large trim in and out buttons
  • New keyboard modes for intelligent editing
  • Buttons to allow search dial to live trim
  • Buttons to change transition type
  • Integrated search dial control
  • Keypad for direct timecode entry

During its livestream event, Blackmagic introduced DaVinci Resolve 17, along with several new pieces of hardware to make editing projects easier. Among them was the Speed Editor, a new keyboard for DaVinci Resolve's cut page that allows you to edit faster with the popular software. 

The Speed Editor is a smaller version of its DaVinci Resolve Editing Keyboard but doesn't' skimp out on functionality. By eliminating the QWERTY keyboard, it touts a smaller footprint where some of the keys have a double function. Additionally, the Speed Editor includes built-in Bluetooth so customers can use the unit without the need for any wires. If your laptop or computer doesn't have Bluetooth, it can be used via a USB connection. 

The DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor is available now for $295.