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With a $3000 budget, what do you think I should purchase next?

Im a 19 year old filmmaker, who wants to create documentary's and narrative films. I currently have a Nikon D3200, along with a standard lens, shoulder rig, glidecam, and a fisheye lens. Im currently doing some research for my next documentary, which might take a year before I even start shooting. Im also writing two screenplays that I want to start shooting during the summer.

I really want a better quality for my films so, I was planning on buying the GH4(comes with a Rode shotgun mic), a 24-70mm Nikkor lens, matte box, and maybe a cage. Should I buy these things or maybe invest my money into something different? Would it be better to purchase more lenses for my nikon? Should I wait for the price of a GH4 to drop? What else should I think about getting?


I know this post is a year old, but I would suggest investing in audio gear. Shotgun mic, lav mic, recorder, etc. You can have the most amazing video, but can still be hurt by poor audio.

March 4, 2016 at 10:33AM

Tom Lim

I think one hugely underrated thing to spend your money on is education -- eg, a Creative Live course.


You don't need gear to tell great stories; I'm sure most of the guys on this board could do an amazing short film with just a smartphone, or even a feature film if they were motivated.

When you collaborate with people, they'll bring their own gear.

Is your money better spent on gear, or on what goes on the screen -- location, props, costumes, etc? Or, for that matter, on things like food for the crew?

Gear gets outdated, gets broken, gets stolen, occupies space.

Will your gear make you enough money to justify the cost? Why buy when you can rent?

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Adrian Tan

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