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Adventure filmmaking. I've got no money left, all my gear's broken, and my horses are gone. How to start post on 12TB+?

Hey guys - first post here!

I've just crash landed onto Vancouver Island, BC after 2 years of adventuring and surfing down the Pacific coast of the Americas - from Alaska to Patagonia. I started off solo, and rode a motorcycle for most of it, but then hit Chile and we (my girl, whom I met on the road and I) traded our motorcycles for 4 horses. We learned how to ride and care for them, strapped our surfboards to their backs, and spent another 6 months riding down into Patagonia. It was epic.

More than anything it was a surfing journey, but we've delved pretty deep into themes of sovereignty, indigenous philosophy and nature - amongst others. I'm frothing on the material we've collected...

I used to work producing commercials and short doco's for various organisations prior to leaving my home in Melbourne, Australia. That's how I funded this journey, and so I have a reasonable understanding of workflows and delivering projects. But it's essentially been 2 years since i've edited anything, and i'm now staring in horror/salivation at the 12TB+? that we've collected over the last 2 years!

I'll be using the Adobe suite.

My footage was shot primarily on the Sony A7s, but also the Canon 5D as B cam, with things like Gopro's etc for novelty shots and the drone.

My first question is; What did you do, or wish you'd done, when you first watched all of your footage? When you began the process of trimming and culling?

I've got my own workflow, but i'm sure it can be improved, and i'm sure there's been lots of technical developments whilst I dropped out for a couple of years. I'd love to hear thoughts on cutting down hundreds of hours of footage.

Did you first transcript all the interviews?

Did you add tags to each clip as you trimmed it, to make locating them easier down the line?

How the hell do you stay organised?? Is coffee and anti-depressants the only answer?!?!

This is the sort of stuff i'm interested in right now... i'm open to any suggestions.

For instance, I'm also going to keep a dictaphone handy as I begin to watch the footage for the first time, hoping that it'll stir all those memories and provide material for a little book down the line...

Any tips (no matter how weird) are appreciated...

Many thanks in advance.

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