January 31, 2018 at 3:49AM


Advice for post production workspace

Hi there,
I'm about to upgrade my post-production tools and I would like to an advice from NoFilmSchool community. I have a pretty clear idea of what I want but I have some little doubts as well. So, let's go (I haven't a huge budget):

Laptop: I often work on the move so I will buy a Macbook Pro for sure (I don't want to switch to Windows because I work mostly on Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5). Here are the specifics:

MacBook Pro 15"
Intel Core i7 quad‑core 3,1GHz (Turbo Boost 4,1GHz)
Memory 16GB LPDDR3 a 2133MHz
512 GB SSD Unit
4GB Memory Radeon Pro 560
4 ports Thunderbolt 3

I read on some forums that there's a controversy about 10-bit supporting: somebody says it's true, somebody says it's a bug or something similar. Any idea? I went to an Apple store in my town and I navigated on some MacBook Pro's specifics and I realized that the most recent has 10-bit support but, as I said, It could be a bug.

External monitor:
I'm considering two monitors
1) 27" LG 27UD88 4K Monitor. It can be connected to a USB-c Mac without an adapter. I must confess it's my favorite
2) 24'' Eizo CS2420-BK LCD Monitor. Solid choice, with no discussions, but no USB-c connection

Plus I'm thinking about a Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Monitor
for displaying/monitoring. If the Macbook Pro I'm going to buy supports 10-bit, should I buy it as well? I know it doesn't support 4K but work mostly in FHD timelines so it couldn't be a big problem but I'm open to some different advices

Thanks in advance and sorry for message length!

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