October 3, 2016 at 10:29AM, Edited October 3, 10:29AM


All the Sierra bucks...

I guess most of you people still use a computer to edit their films (you people with analog film cameras and editing tables you lucky ones...) and probably at least 40% of you use a Mac.

Well macOS Sierra (or version 10.12.0) came out just two weeks ago. I don't know if anyone of you did have the same issues with it that I have. On the normal websearch was nothing comparable.

Sierra has some bucks. Okay, one, that really matters and it's really really really annoying.

Whatever I do sometimes my iMac (it's just 1/2 month old) just decides to freeze and I have to shut it down and turn it on again to get it work right. This does not depend on what is currently happening on the computer. It does not depend on how the CPU, the GPU or the RAM is fraught. The HDD is used at 12%. So it seems to be arbitrary. If I do some webbrowsing this isn't a big problem because nothing important is lost and Firefox regains the websites after the restart.
But especially if you work on a project this is really annoying and frustrating because sometimes even autosafe doesn't bring me back the latest but the version from half an hour ago.

The mac does not seem to see this as some failure of error because there is no crash report and nothing.

The one thing I can say is that it often happens when I render something with Adobe Mediaencoder and do something else while that processes in the background.

I would call the Apple support but it's 3rd October and a feast day in Germany and also I don't think they might help me with that.

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