March 22, 2016 at 10:07AM


AtomOS Shogun Flame

The Shogun Flame looks impressive. It adds these things to the first generation Shogun:

1) 1500 nit screen 4x - 5x brighter, usable in sunlight
2) Dual batteries
3) Ruggedized build
4) Out-of-the-box LUT support for various camera brands and flavors of S-Log
5) HDR

I understand the value of vastly improved field monitoring.

My question concerns the HDR hype: does the Shogun Flame not record the exact same bits coming off the camera sensor as the 1st generation Shogun?

I already own a Shogun. Obviously, the price on the Shogun Flame comes in less than the original, and it is a much better deal. But just wondering what the benefits are for existing owners to upgrade.

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If your camera give the recorder 10-Bit the recorder will record 10-Bit. If the recorder gets 8-Bit it will record 8-Bit. But it will convert it into 10-Bit. It's like converting H.264 footage into ProRes 422 footage. It doesn't add any more info into your footage but sometimes it's easyer to handle.

--> Shogun always records 10-Bit. But it's not necessarily true 10-Bit.

March 25, 2016 at 7:04AM

Eric Halbherr
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