April 10, 2015 at 2:34AM


BBS Lighting... new tube lights coming at NAB 2015, with remote phosphor...

If you don't know BBS Lighting, you should.

Their light; Area 48 Soft has been awarded, due to not only being of amazing build quality but so much more because of their quality of light.

This year at NAB 2015 I was just let in on them showing a new product. Supposedly it will rival the Kino Flo single tubes and the Ice Light, and it will be done with remote phosphor technology.

For those that don't know remote phosphor yet, it's a panel you put in front of the LEDs and then you can vary between a lot of different temperatures without sacrificing light output; i.e. the output difference between fx. 5600k and 3200k is relatively unnoticeable.

Wether or not the same exchangeable temp tech is also implemented in the tubes I'm not sure. Time will tell.

I can't go to NAB 2015 myself, but I would recommend anyone who is going and who is into lights to go by them and see what these new lights can offer.
If you do... please share here :)

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