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The big camera dilemma DSLR, Mirrorless, or both.

Hi, I am at this point in life when I need a new camera. Recently, I started getting more serious about my career in videography and photography. However, I am also a student - so my budget is quite tight. At the moment I am using a 650D for my projects, but I feel the serious need for something better. My work (besides shorts and personal projects) mainly consists of promotional videos, live event videos, interviews, etc. I do nightclub and event photography as well. Most of these of course just for the money - prefer it to working in McDonalds. So, what I need is something more versatile - for photo and for video. I came up with three main options:
- One of them is buying a 6D now - because it would be easier for it to pay back - with photography work and videography trying to avoid moirè. Later adding a GH4 in a few months. The GH4 I'd use only for video and keep the canon for photo work.
- The other option - buying a 5D mark III now. Later maybe gh5 or whatever better comes up next year. Financing the 5dmkiii will be a struggle so I doubt I will be able to afford anything else in the next few months.
- Third option - mirrorless only? I read loads of reviews, saw a lot of sample footage, etc. A lot of people throwing away dslr and loving mirrorless. That's cool, but I seriously doubt only with a mirrorless camera I'd be able to achieve the same results in photography. I might be wrong - but I hope you could prove it to me with some sample images.
I have quite a few lenses and a flashgun, of course, for Canon.

I'd be happy to hear different opinions with some supportive images :)

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The 650D you've got is quite capable and it seems you just have an itch to go full frame ^_^ Those $2k you'll drop on it wont give you better video in practical terms.

I.e. Julian Richards said very well ( "If the average punter is busy wondering whether you used RAW or not, then you should film something more interesting."

The words to live by!

Seriously, you can make do with the 650D. Just instead of spending time thinking about how you'll get a new camera think about how you'll film another project.

May 11, 2015 at 8:25PM

Alex Zakrividoroga

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