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Breathless (1960) How can something this bad be good?

When we look past the mystique of a film in a foreign language (or that it is a French film which makes it artsy by default in our minds), the unconventional beauty of the protagonists, the boringness of the film which makes us not love the actual film but the discussion of it- what then makes Breathless so great? I understand that it broke traditions and gave way to new forms, but I'm seeking interesting opinions that do not only praise the film for the sake of it (as introductory film courses do) but for people who look at it with a critical and analytic eye.
I am not putting the film down, just thought it would be a great discussion.


This is pretty simple, but sometimes simple is best- like the film is clearly very simple. I think it is great for putting you in the world of Breathless. It has it's own world, and you buy into it as a viewer, and accept the eccentricities, as it follows it's own formula with discipline. But that's just my opinion, classic film noir story, with some contemporary characters gave the world something different and fun, not to mention they pulled off being "cool" which has people buying into liking the film.

August 4, 2017 at 10:13AM

Molly Kath Lewis
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It has a lot of nothing moments, but it captures ordinariness in a way few films do. When he's driving down the country road in the stolen Oldsmobile and discovers a pistol in the glove compartment, the moment comes off completely uncontrived. He's simply surprised and delighted to bump in to this new toy. He knocks off the motorcycle cop just for the fun of it, and unlike countless gangster movies where a cop killer snarls and laughs menacingly, he treats it as just another minor obstacle disposed of. One of my prime objectives for my narrative work is to present scenes that have that ordinariness in them without boring the audience

August 15, 2017 at 2:32PM

Curtis Polk

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