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Brushless Gimbal Systems

I'm interested in hearing from those that have used some of the various systems that are out there today. What did you like/dislike, problems and solutions, ease of balancing, final results, etc.

I have experience with the Movi system (only a few days worth) and am hoping to hear from people who have not only used the Movi but also the DJI Ronin, TurboAce AllSteady and/or the cheap-o Came-TV models.

If there are other units that you've used, please share that as well.


Hey there.

Ive used the Movi M10, Ronin, and Defy gimbals quite a bit. Here is an example of some of the work in my short film:


I've only used the gimbals with heavier packages, such as fully rigged bmcc's and red dragons. From what I've heard it can actually be more difficult to balance lighter cameras, as the motors struggle to know how much to fight the cameras movement.

The Movi is the standard go to for me, but it still has its quirks. The biggest benefit is its lightweight design, especially compared to the ronin. Trust me, when you are doing take 5 of a complicated gimbal shot your arms are going to be shaking. Every pound counts.

The most obvious plus of the ronin however is its price point. It is pretty cheap compared to the Movi and still really well built. For me one of the coolest features is the built in P-taps and usb power taps on the arm of the gimbal and the gimbal itself. This allows for you to power your wireless video/follow focus (even the camera) much easier, getting rid of cables that go from the gimbal to the outer arm. On the movi, you'll have to attach a V-mount battery plate, which can be awkward.

For me I'm really interested to try the Helix, it seems innovative in design without breaking the bank. Also, its neat that you can set it down without a stand, unlike the Ronin and Movi

December 8, 2014 at 9:17AM

Taylor Camarot
Director of Photography

I've used the Came-TV system and i like it, Way cheaper than the rest but it is super eay to use and easy to setup. Teh one i used at the time was borrowed so my company investing in the Came-Tv 7800 and it has a 32bit conrtol board so that simply means that it will be way easier to calibrate and to setup and way easier to manage than the 7200.

January 12, 2015 at 6:58PM

Wentworth Kelly
DP/Colorist/Drone Op

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