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Camera for 10k budget

For context: I graduated as a petroelum engineering. During my Uni years i picked up photography then videography (first because it make more, photography is quite saturated where i am). Since graduation I've been working for 2 and a half years as a camera man - editor for a marketing company. I am familiar with working with short movies, testimonial, advertisement. Now im moving on to Australia for advance education and i want to work while studying as well as have practical experience. So im looking for a suggestion for cameras and lenses with 10k budget. I started with a 60D, then 5D Mark III, now Canon C100 Mark II is my daily driver. I can say im experienced so what im looking for in a camera is: 4K or above, good dynamic range, tolerance in post, XLR input, good tactile layout, can shoot log, RAW capable (may be? i have never edited raw but i do realize this i a good feature to have). I have no lenses so any system is good. Used is absolutely welcome.

Im torn between:
- Canon 1DX Mark II: great photo camera, decent video camera. ~5K, i have 5K left for lenses and accessory. And being able to do photo session is a plus.
- Canon C200 (since i have been using canon c100 mark ii).
7.5K Absolutely expensive, i really have no justification for this beside im familiar with working with canon system.
- Blackmagic Ursa. Its advantage is it 4.6K. And quite compact too. Reasonable pricing. From 4-6K for a system with decent bundle. Compressed RAW.
- RED: I did some research and I cant find any system at my price point, im impressed by their accessories and modular system. Scarlet is a decent system.
- Sony: Lenses are expensive, they're quite old too, the FS5 and FS7.
Lenses: Canon L photo lenses or Rokinon Cine lineup. Sigma or Canon Cine lenses are way out of reach apparently.
Accessory: I will find a budget for DJI Ronin or Ronin M or a Steadicam system. So camera weight is totally an issue.

What do you think would suit me best?

Thank you and Best Regards.


Have you considered a Panasonic GH5? Right off the bat it is way cheaper than the cameras you mention. It is even cheaper than the C100 mkii. However if you want a better codec, for a good price, with a solid option for great prime cinema lenses at a reasonable price, I'd hit the m4/3 market.

My thought is this, the GH5 records internal 4k at 10bit 4:2:2. Your C100 mkii shoots 1080p at 8bit 4:2:0. This will make an obvious difference in image quality. The battery life on the GH5 isn't nearly what you can get from a proper camcorder (my C100 mki gets 5-6 hours depending on the day.) GH5 (as I understand it) will get you maybe 3 hours from one battery. However the weight of the GH5 will be significantly less than the C100 mkii which means you can look at cheaper gimbals (maybe even something smaller than a Ronin M). The color science of the GH5 may take some getting used to, but it does shoot log and there are a TON of LUTs out there you can get to make it look like the Canon color you're used to.

On to lenses. In my opinion, at your price range, the best (by far) cinema lenses are the Veydra Mini Primes. They make them in M4/3 and now Sony E mount. You would probably do fine with a four lens set, just under $5k. In my experience they are a much higher quality lens than something like the Rokinon cine lenses. They are more consistent from one focal length to the next than Rokinon's are, they are sharper, I believe they are built better, have less lens breathing, and I'm biased because I just think the image looks/feels better than the Rokinon lenses.

I believe that on the budget, you won't find better lenses for video than Veydra's. If I could do it all over, (picking a camera system) I would have chosen Sony or Panasonic so I could shoot with the Veydra mini primes. I currently shoot with a Canon C100 and Rokinon lenses. Though I have nothing against them, and they are better than photography glass, I'm still wishing I had something that took Veydras (m4/3 or sony E).

Here is a link to a great write up about the Veydra lenses vs Rokinons.

May 6, 2018 at 3:18PM

Matthias Claflin

Thank you for your Reply Matthias, I how ever concern about heating problem since they are not very well ventilated and most of my session run for very long and they doesnt have XLR input. During my work time audio is a very important part and i dont think i will have the personnel to run audio work separately. And I believe a super 35mm system will give me headroom for upgrade later. I did look at the Veydra and i really am impressed.

May 7, 2018 at 3:37AM


First I'll briefly address your concerns with the GH5, then I'll hit you with another recommendation...

I used the GH4 for wedding work back in the day (a 90 minute ceremony) in 80+ degree heat. I never had an overheating problem. That said, it was a GH4 and not a GH5, so I can't really speak to the newer model.

As for XLR inputs, they do have a pretty good hot shoe adapter for XLR inputs. It's not perfect, and it costs more than a Zoom H4n recorder, but it does give you high quality audio directly to the GH5. It has a bit of a benefit over recording to XLR and converting to 3.5mm as it doesn't rely on the quality of the pre-amp in the mic input on the GH5.

All in all, for a full set of veydra lenses, a two spare batteries, the GH5 and the XLR adapter would run you just over $9k. You could go down two lenses (get the 4 pack instead of the 6 pack and save yourself about $2k). Of course this isn't the only option available to you, but if cinema lenses, XLR input, and better codec are your top priorities, this would be my first recommendation.

However, if the ergonomics of the GH5 or the possible over heating issue scare you away, my second recommendation would be to go with Sony. The reason I wouldn't just step up and recommend the EVA1 is because of price more than anything. Other than it's dual ISO (which in practice has never impressed me), it doesn't really do anything that the original Sony FS7 doesn't do. The Sony FS7 is also cheaper by a couple hundred dollars. Having that kind of room for lenses would be immensely helpful, in my opinion. If you are going to go this route, I would probably recommend the SLR magic lenses. Though I've never used them myself, FilmRiot uses them, if I'm not mistaken and loves them. They run about the same as the rokinon, but for a bit more you can get an anamorphic adapter for them. You could of course reach for the Veydras again as they would be optically superior to the SLR magic lenses (from what I gather online, I haven't used the SLR Magic lenses), but you wouldn't be able to get a full set with your budget, unless you can get the FS7 used. On B&H used the FS7 would likely run about $6.3K and runs a little lower on when they have it. That frees up almost another thousand for lenses though and would be very helpful on your budget.

That being said neither lensauthority or B&H have it used at the moment and I wouldn't really recommend any other used sites (as other than ebay these are the only ones I've used). is another online rental place that sells gear when it is used and gives an accurate description of the issues (if any) with the product and they have two FS7's for sale around $5k right now. Worth a look.

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Matthias Claflin

Bummed to see EVA1 isn't on your list of options!

Panasonic must not be marketing heavily enough: love that camera, and you can keep using your Canon EF lenses from your C100.

Pair that with an Atomos Shogun Inferno (was shooting with it yesterday) you get ProRes RAW.

Big fan.

May 7, 2018 at 6:35AM

Charles Haine
Filmmaker, Tech Nerd

Assuming you have 10k in cash, I would recommend any of the other recommended cameras, but renting camera and lens for your projects. Buying a camera in the 10k range has rapid depreciation and unless your workload justifies the payments is a big money loser for you. There are many used cameras and used lenses that will give you excellent output given that you have the skills, inspiration and experience to benefit. The camera is not the arbitrator for quality, your ability is. Renting a camera and lens when the project justifies it is how many pros roll

May 7, 2018 at 11:15PM


I have been using the Kinemax and Terra for years now. Great imge quality for an unbeatable price. The Terrra shoots straight to Prores 422HQ. Great dynamic range, natural color profile, ability to shoot log and anamorphic. Shoots 4k up to 100fps. Low noise. Really cant beat the packages for the price.

May 8, 2018 at 1:38AM

Liam Gillies
DP / Photographer

I'll say again that the Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro is the best bang for the buck. With ten gorillas, you can get the camera and some lenses.

May 15, 2018 at 1:41AM

Minor Mogul

I don't know who started the GH5S overheating rumor, but its not true. SONY a7 cameras had that problem, but never the GH series.

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