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Camera Tech-Spec Spreadsheet

When it came time to buy a new camera, there were certain features I knew I wanted. But between searching for cameras with those features…along with the budget I had set…and additional features I would love if possible…I found myself jumping back and forth between multiple sites, the RED site, Blackmagic site, B&H. Not only was it wasting time, but it was driving me insane. And I’m sure there are other people in my shoes doing the same thing…looking for the same information. So I took it upon myself to create a spreadsheet of all the cameras I was considering, along with others out of my price range…because I wanted this to feel like a complete list of all of the current best options for digital imaging.

NFS has been an incredible resource throughout this process, opening my eyes to new gear I otherwise most likely would not have heard about. And also educating me on topics I didn’t understand but knew I needed to learn, like what exactly sub-sampling is and how is affects your image. And how sometimes, a better bit depth is more important than higher resolution.

I took all these things into account when deciding on which camera I would go with. Ultimately, I decided on the Sony FS7. It’s feature set rivals cameras two and three times its cost. But you may not be looking for the same things I was looking for.

As for the list itself, there is information I found difficult to find on a few cameras and some information (like external sub sampling) may not be out there. But if you can find something, please add it to the list. And please feel free to add more cameras and more columns if there is info you feel should be on there.


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The doc are very good :D I am using no blackmagic camera cinema and the look it's impressive.

October 17, 2014 at 4:21AM

Ragüel Cremades
Film producer and director

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