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The Canon EOS-1D X Mark II - is it going to change the DSLR video landscape?

Well the new 'beast' is out, 60p4K for $6K.

What do you think, a game changing video camera or still an 'add on' for the serious photographer?

Now all I can do it waiting for a 'coupon day' for the poor among us. :)


I wouldn't say so. The 1D X Mk II has some amazing specs video wise but its price is too high to be some kind of a game changer. If it would be half the price it maybe would be. But if you look at the A7s and A7s II that's a game changer. They are relatively afordable and do the best low light on the market right now.
Yes, they don't do 4K 60 fps but I think we will have that with the Mk III or IV. And I gues this autumn thee III will come out.
The 1D X Mk II is rather Canon's try to catch up on the DSLR video market but they don't keep in their mind that DSLR video is that successfull because the DSLRs which are used by the filmmakers are much more affordable.
But if you think about buying a C100 Mk II and you don't want to go to another manufactur (becauser of whatever) you might think about rather buying the 1D X Mk II.

May 2, 2016 at 11:13PM

Eric Halbherr
Director, DP, Editor, Creative Storyteller

Too expensive for what it offers and it's still 8-bit video. Wait another year and either Panasonic or Sony will offer the same or better at less than half the price of this camera.

May 3, 2016 at 5:34AM

Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

Someone correct me, but it is a cropped 4K, not full frame. However, the quality of that 4K is reckoned to be excellent. The reviews I've seen are full of praise.
Also, the 5D Mk4 will be announced later this year, and one reason for the delay in release is that video quality was not originally seen as too important in the Mk4, but apparently an executive decision was taken by Canon to step up the bar significantly.

May 4, 2016 at 10:36AM, Edited May 4, 10:37AM

Saied M.

Finally someone woke up at Canon?

May 4, 2016 at 4:29PM

Director, DOP, Writer, Editor, Producer

Apparently Canon did indeed wake up. In direct relevance to this thread, I decided to hunt down the original link. The important bit:-
"The same source has also told us that the video features of the camera will be the best in the lineup and will easily best the EOS-1D X Mark II for most filmmakers. While the EOS-1D X Mark II is aimed at photojournalists, the EOS 5D Mark IV will be aimed at filmmakers, with enough goodies to get new Canon buyers, retain old ones and get people on the path to getting into the Cinema EOS system. Apparently the plans for the video features of the camera changed about a year ago and became an important part of the development of the camera."

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