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Capture FPS vs. Export FPS - Can they be different?

Hey all, me again. Back with another question that shows how much I still need to learn regarding the technical side of film.

I have a Pentax K-30 that captures video in 30, 25, or 24 fps at full HD. When I export my short film I want it to play at 24 fps so its cinematic.

I'm wondering if it would make sense to anyone else to capture in 30, convert to 24 in editing, and then export? I know it'd be easier to capture in 24 and just edit like that, but I find that the frames have more motion blur (which is a no-brainer), and I'm thinking that I'll capture in 30 to get sharper frames but convert back to 24 so it feels more filmic.

Or is the motion blur an issue that can be fixed with shutter speed/ focal length?

If someone could fill me in on how framerate works together with shutterspeed, that would be fantastic.

Thanks, Torsten


Well, looks like this question got answered a few months ago... I just found it. Thanks.

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Torsten Pearson

Stick with 24fps and just choose a faster shutter speed if motion blur is an issue. Just be aware of the potentially added 'jitter' effect from the lack of motion blur. When filming inside or at night, however, you may want to slow your shutter speed back down to 1/50th or 1/48th to let in as much light as possible.

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