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Cardora Film Festival: Make Money with Your Micro-Movie!

We have been on the NoFilmSchool list for years. We are in pre-production on a feature and have been trying to raise money and attract talent for years! We have done a crowdfunding campaign to which all our friends and family contributed, and we were grateful for their support but it certainly wasn't enough to make even a micro-budget feature. We have entered loads of film festivals and we took a short movie to Cannes (in 2012). Nowhere have we found a revenue stream for short films or a way of building our crowd, so we invented Cardora to help us and all other filmmakers. is a platform for distribution, promotion and revenue generation which has two parts 1) Cardora Film Festival, 2) an e-greeting card subscription.
Moviemakers: we are looking for movies which are charming, intriguing and intelligent stories or some kind of vignette or tableau vivant (about 1-2 mins long) with high production values. We accept films from your back catalogue and from anywhere in the world and in any language (but non-English films will need subtitles if there is any dialogue).

We don't mind when your film was made or where it has been seen before. Winning and qualifying movies will be added to the catalogue for Cardora Moviecards and you will share in the revenue of Cardora's moviecard subscribers (as explained in detail on our website).

Qualifying moviemakers will get a homepage on Cardora to help you build a fan-base and be able to have a fan page for each accepted movie. Subscribers can become a fan of both you and your movie(s). When you come to do a crowdfunding for your next movie you will be able to call on your engaged fans, many of whom will have sent your Cardora movies out as moviecards to their friends.

I hope you will join us. You can enter your film(s) on FilmFreeway:

Many thanks,
Celine Rich & Julian Darley

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Hi Everyone, All NoFilmSchool people can now get 10% off the entry fee to Cardora Film Festival with the code NoFilmSchool.

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Celine Rich

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