October 24, 2014 at 8:37PM


"Continue?" Short Film Crowd Fund

Hi all!

This is an exciting time! I and my motley crew of Indy filmmakers have just launched our first crowd fund campaign.

'Continue?' is a short film that explores the importance of communal support in an individual’s life. The story unfolds through the eyes of a Gamer as she plays through the story of the arcade game 'Ray's Run'. Ray, the game's main protagonist, wakes up to find that his arch enemy, Mr. Gloom, has kidnapped his girlfriend and plans to sacrifice her to gain eternal life. In a classic response, Ray decides to go on a Kung Fu journey, to raise support and rescue his beloved from the evil clutches of Mr. Gloom. It is up to the Gamer to keep Ray alive by fighting for him and feeding the arcade machine precious heart tokens when he falls. Will Ray gather enough support to reach the Tower of Evil and defeat Mr. Gloom?
“Press Start” and find out!


The FilmLife Project is part of DonateLife Week, a good cause initiative with the goal to inspire people to have the chat that could save lives. With this crowdfunding campaign, we hope to fund the completion of 'Continue?', a short film created to inspire the world to seriously consider organ and tissue donation.

Our aim is simple. To create a short film entry that not only entertains with its story and gaming culture references, but also engages the wider audience with its style and humour. We also want this film to engage the younger audiences without confronting them with the fragility of life.


For all the production details you can find find the full campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2104037203/continue-a-short-film

We also started an exciting Facebook page where we will keep our amazing supporters posted on all the latest film news!
FB URL: http://www.facebook.com/continueshortfilm

You are probably asking by now, how I can support this awesome short film?

Any funds you can pledge will be amazing! But you can also help our cause by spreading the word of this campaign to your friends, family, colleagues and anyone else you can think of!

Thank you all for your support! You have already made a difference!

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