October 15, 2016 at 7:41PM


Disagree w/ director (from a screenwriter)

Hi everyone!
I'm not sure if this should be a question or a discussion post, but sure thing is that this problem has been a while, and I'd like to ask more people for advice. Maybe you can give me some ideas.

I'm a screenwriter, newly begin. So one day I approached to a known-friend and asked him if it's possible we could work together. I brought him two plays of mine and he preferred one of them, so I took the role not only a screenwriter but a production manager, and my friend took the director role. I knew it was gonna be a real tiny team. Everything seemed fine, just the money problem didn't get along, but that happens to every indie film so that's is not the main problem today.
The problem is the director. Again, I'm newly start, so I might not know how this work with you. He later told me not to bother him with more details like who to hire (photographer, lighting, sound), where the money comes from, the equipment, etc.. Besides, originally we were talking about a 60-minute film (to go for a 60-minute film festival was one of the goals we talked about) but now he prefers a 30-minute, so there are a lot more scenes I have to cut down, and all these changes happened in just one month.
I'm not going on more trivia, but here now I feel like he has a lot more ideas quite different from what I thought, and what we originally agreed on.
So now I wanna ask you:
1. can I call a stop with him? I mean, if his ideas are changing and being eventually different with me, he can always drop out and not even to think about the pre-work a production manager has put in.
2. what do I tell him that I don't want to cut down on the script to a 30-m? is it ok for screenwriter to not agree on the length? I do have a reason, not just for the film festival.

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