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Ego, An Indie Filmmakers Worse Enemy

Please do not misunderstand me, ego is needed in all forms of art. Ego is what tells the artist he or she is good enough in that they can write that great novel, paint that masterpiece, compose that opera, or create that legendary expression of self. That’s not the ego I’m referring to.

The ego that’s the subject of our discussion is the ego that tells you that you are a master filmmaker (the next Martin Scorsese perhaps?) or that you are a shoe-in for Sundance this year even though you have never read a book on filmmaking, taken a class on film production, or even been on a motion picture set.

I’ve been in post-production for over twenty-two years and have worked on hundreds of features, shorts, docs, commercials and music videos. Many “first time” directors I’ve worked with over the years have one unfortunate destructive trait — a huge and ignorant ego which makes for a very dangerous combination.

In all of those cases their egos have not only hurt the films or projects they were attempting to create, but destroyed them in an eruptive blaze that the film Gods could see from Mount Hollywood.

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it's only ego if it's not true.
when you have it, you have it.
and you know it.
when you think you have it but you don't.
That's ego to me. which is most cases.
probably evening including myself.

August 13, 2015 at 6:19AM

Kazu Okuda

Old Steve Gerber joke: "What's an artist without a temperament? But in this case, you should ask what's a temperament without an artist?" Some people seem to think that if you act like an arrogant dick, that's proof that you're good. They are, of course, wrong.

August 15, 2015 at 8:47PM, Edited August 15, 8:48PM

Minor Mogul

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