July 27, 2017 at 12:17PM


feedback: a dubious production with results

Above is the story I posted about a dubious production. Now it's been two weeks after the shooting, and since it was okay I'd like to share about what turned to be just fine.

In short I was very much surprised that the whole five-day production went smoothly without critically delay. The lighting crew and the cinematographer were nice and great people, who saved the technical part of the film, and me saving the production team from starving or dying of thirst, or heat stroke.

It was satisfying, though with many flaws about the director that I saw and experienced onset. Besides the fact that he was a jerk who only talked about what he wanted and never listened to what other people suggested, he was a stubborn and rude guy. I remember him calling me without saying my names, just a finger click in front of my face and command. That truly burned my patience and the meager respect I had for him.

I got to know some really awesome and capable friends whom I hoped to work with in the future. The assistant director, especially, became close to me and is working on my film with me now. She told me that the director called her once and demanded that she "would stay with him on the same line, supported him until the film made it into some film festival or contest", that "he needed her". She was infuriated especially when she read about him criticizing how messy and chaotic the whole shooting set was. I wasn't surprised though. I knew how ignorant this kinda people could be: way to go, them with their day job and thought film shooting was fun and would cost no pretty penny, and if there should be anything unsatisfying onset, it must be someone else fault.

It's time to move on and left a clown like that in the past, with no fucks given. I wish everyone a great production :D

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