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Film makers fight club - Berlin

I am always striving to find a way to interact more with other filmmakers in my surrounding. Also I also always want to produce and practice filmmaking waaaay more than now. So this is what my crazy mind blew out over this thought.

( It is for now - because of I am in Berlin- only for people in Berlin, Germany )

We as filmmakers are dreamers. Silly whiny dreamers.

But learning how to make movies and in the end making movies is nothing you can only dream about. You have to do it. Get your ass up and going and write a scene, shoot it, edit it and then get humiliated on the web or in front of a audience.
Then do it again and again and again.

This is basically the idea of this here. A group of people who want to make films.
Who don't wanna talk about it anymore but do it. And they want to make it good. Learn something every time they shoot and edit and maybe fail or succeed. Average films are everywhere but this ain't the target we gonna shoot at.

Some words about the structure and the longview of this:

We’re gonna meet once a week. In the early morning we talk and think about our ideas and then write a script to shoot later on that day, give out different departments, plan the shoot and then shoot.
After that we’re gonna view the material, discuss it, edit and publish it.
All in one day!
They will start early and end late. Like every damn shooting day. Get used to it!
Then we’re gonna give ourselves homework, do it and meet 7 days later, starting all over again.

We will bring our equipment, our experience, our urge to learn something new, our urge to make movies together share it, grow with it and in the meanwhile, we gonna have a short clip each week, a scene or a very short movie on wich we can see our development.

I want to talk later on, to what this could lead.

This is explicitly not only for directors or people who want to become one. This is for everyone who seeks to make movies. DPs, sound engineers, producers, set designers, screenwriters, actors, actresses, digital artists, grips, editors, colorists, makeup artists, and everyone else who could do something useful in film.

It's about experiencing all the different fields in filmmaking, learning new things, and making film.

This may not be something for someone who isn't willing to sacrifice their time, push themselves to their limits and beyond. If you are not passionate for film and not ready to experience also the roughest parts of this art this is maybe the wrong start. I'm not saying you have to be a experienced filmmaker, I'm saying you have to love this craft and all of its parts. In the good and the bad.

I see for this the potential to build a group of filmmakers who is able to work together. Is able to make free projects, as well as commercial ones. To seek help in each other for projects that got to big for one alone or the existing group of people. To build a living out of our passions and our ability to make movies. Not only with shitty jobs but with projects we can stand behind, be proud of, projects in wich we can fulfil ourselves but also can live from.

In the beginning there is gonna be a lot of suffering, a lot of displeasure. But if we don´t forget our goal to be filmmakers, this way is ours and it will lead us to the place we all want to go.

So if you think you are ready and willing to start sacrifice your time for filmmaking get in contact with me. We start the first meetings in the third week of October in Berlin.

If you have questions like the idea, have different ideas or want to join, write me at:


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