May 22, 2015 at 8:07PM


Filming a demo for an iOS app.

Hi team. I'm looking at making a demo video for my company's first foray into iOS. It's a wrapper of a mobile version of our software, but it's still an app - it'll work on all iOS devices. I'm trying to come up with some good ways to film a solid but original app demo for this product. I'm looking for any practical tips you might have on this, especially if there's people out there who have done something similar. My background is in Videography, and I've worked primarily in the corporate video and documentary fields until I started working for a software company as a video producer (among other things). I'm looking to do a bit of overhead camera work for this, and have begun looking at rigs (DIY or otherwise) for this sort of thing. I've got a Sony FS700 that I'll be filming this on. I'm keen to hear of any tips on reducing glare of the tablet/phone screen you might have - I've heard about using polarising filters here too. Any tips appreciated! :)

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