June 2, 2019 at 8:59AM


A full production sound kit for less than a Sennheiser 416

If you are looking to put together a budget location sound rig for your shoots, here's how I ended up with a good sounding , affordable system, consisting of 2 wireless lavs and a book that will cost less than a Sennheiser 416.

Found a deal on a dual mic WMIC80 wireless system for $80.
Purchased another receiver so each mic has its own receiver for $80

2 Deity V-Lav mics for $100 to replace the MOVO lavs

Deity D3 boom mic (not the pro) with the special xlr adapter for $125

Used Zoom F4 for $360. (prices are dropping, because of the F6)

Bag for the F6 for $90

Boom pole $48


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