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HD Free Movies Online Review on Fate of the Furious 8

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All the hubbub is finally hitting the net about Mark Wahlberg's shagging apewoman Helena Bonham Carter in Tim Burton's remake of Planet of the Apes? We told you about it almost two weeks ago. Yes, Fox wants to keep it in the PG-13 range and the suits want the bestiality angle toned down -- or completely taken out of the script.

But here's the real rub: Fox producers are under stress to bring in productions on time and on budget. Granted, all producers have this massive cloud hanging over their heads, but heads tend to roll over at the Century City studio if you ask for a few more bucks -- even if you can justify the end. So our question is: Why did the studio choose a high-profile and notoriously "artistic" director for the Apes remake if it's so concerned with the budget and the delivery date?

Don't yell yet -- we're still explaining.

Let's talk about Burton. He's known for being wacky and dark and for following his own muse -- but that image just doesn't end with film. A friend at Sony told your Radar Reporter about an incident when Burton showed up for some big production meeting in his pajamas -- and he was completely unaware he had walked out the door that way. Burton is one of those true artistic types and probably couldn't give a rat's ass about any of the suits or their opinions on how they think he should make his movie.

Mark these words: Some heads are going to roll -- either because Burton refuses to budge on any of the creative issues, or some production execs will lose their jobs when the budget skyrockets out of control (or should we say "more out of control"?) after a dozen or so rewrites and delays. Oh, and speaking of delays -- principal photography for the flick has been pushed back yet again. Now things aren't scheduled to get underway until November 20. Will everything be finished up in time for the previously anticipated Independence weekend 2001 release? Don't make us tell you "we told you so" -- but the answer is big resounding no.

Dude, Matrix Good, Bill & Ted 3 Not So Excellent

In honor of Keanu Reeves' newest movie The Replacements, we thought we'd share a little Matrix sequel gossip from a couple of different Internet sources.

Ain't It Cool News is reporting a whole slew of yummy tidbits about the two upcoming flicks. The first being -- Jet Li is reportedly confirmed for a role in at least one of the flicks. The concept totally makes sense: As you probably well know, all the stunt choreography for the first Matrix movie was conceived by Woo-ping Yuen, who, along with Gordan Chan, directed Li in his classic Hong Kong action flick Fist of Legend. However, until we see the official announcement in the Hollywood trades, we're going to refrain from jumping up and down like an idiot.

While Li's exact role in the flicks hasn't been confirmed yet, news of a few new characters has surfaced. Casting directors are reportedly looking for a tough African-American female. Her name is Niobe and she's the captain of the fastest ship around. In addition to all the budding mythology, as well as Trinity's and Neo's romance, it looks like the Wachowskis are trying to add some kind of romantic love triangle. Niobe is a former lover of Morpheus and is now with the leader of Zion.

The history of the rest of the rumored characters isn't quite so developed. The second new character is a teenage male who simply goes by the name "Kid." (We can guarantee with absolute certainty that this has nothing to do with Bruce Willis' latest flick.) Supposedly there are also roles for a French couple and a leader reportedly named Commander Lock. We'll keep you up to date as to how this all pans out.

However, the real stunning Keanu news that just surfaced is that a third Bill and Ted movie is being considered. According to the Internet Movie Database, the flick will re-team Reeves with Alex Winter. Your Radar Reporter doesn't know how serious the producers are about this, but allegedly the script would be a middle-age spoof of the previous Bill and Ted flicks, with both of the timing-traveling heroes approaching 40.

Just one word before the producers go any further: Whoa.

Do you want to see Wahlberg get it on with an ape? What are your thoughts on how the Matrix sequels are shaping up? Do you think Bill and Ted should rest in peace in stoner heaven? Tell the Radar Reporter all about it.

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