November 8, 2014 at 3:11PM

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Help! Stolen Grip Truck!

I'm posting this on behalf of grip bros everywhere. Original post here (

I'll copy the body here:

hey guys, one of our grip brothers had his truck stolen... please pass the word and report any suspisious attempts at people selling used gear. Thanks!
Please help if you can... here is my buddies post from Facebook
My 3 Ton G&E truck was stolen in the early morning (overnight) hours of November 5 from the corner of Vineland Ave. at Riverside Dr. in North Hollywood.
It was parked in front of the KISS Storage facility on the southeast corner. The truck is a 2002 Isuzu NPR Box Truck with a lift gate. The truck has very distinctive paint wear from numerous instances of graffiti removal and has a clearly visible heavy duty chain wrapped around the battery located just under the driver side door.
It also has the letters CA # on both cab doors but no number following that. They've been removed by me.
License plate # 8S35660
If you see this truck or if anyone approaches you with an offer to sell you some used equipment, please take a moment and call the number below. I can provide a full description of things that were in the truck upon request but there were a few hmi's, kino 4x4 Dana Dolly, Doorway Dolly etc. This is my life and it is potentially devastating! Please help spread the word!
3 1 0-6 6 3-7 5 2 4 Thank you very much!

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ok We will the eyes one. Good luck with this.

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