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High quality in-camera audio for GH4?

Hi there,

When it comes to audio, I still have a lot to learn. So... I was wondering if there's a good way to get nice clean audio in-camera with the GH4, be that with a pre-amp or something else.

I have a Rode Videomic Pro and have just ordered a lavalier microphone, so I'd love to know how to get audio for interviews.

I realise external recorders are a good way to do this, but is it possible without having to sync audio in post?




The GH4 has one of the best in-camera audio pre-amps ( provided you did not get one of the early models with the audio defect, which Panasonic will fix for free ), but I would look at either the Tascam DR-60 Mk2, Tascam DR-70, or one of the JuicedLink Riggy camera pre-amps to have more control over the audio you record. ( the Tascam devices are recorder/pre-amps so you can use them to process your mic signal and then feed it to your GH4, and you can also record a higher quality 24-bit audio recording at the same time, so you will have a high quality camera recording and a higher quality Tascam recording )

February 16, 2015 at 4:24PM

Guy McLoughlin
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I just noticed that right now B&H Photo is including a free copy of Sony Sound Forge Pro 11 ( worth about $300 ) audio editing software when you buy either the Tascam DR-60 Mk2 or the Dr-70 preamp/recorders. If you don't own a good audio editor, this is a great deal.

February 17, 2015 at 7:56AM

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Guy McLoughlin
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Thanks for the replies. Definitely helpful!

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