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How to spend more time doing what I actually love?

Hey there,
I'm a filmmaker/cameraman from Germany. When I get a job for example producing a music video, I end up 2 days in pre-production, 1 day actually shooting and 1 week of post-production. Every single second in front of the screen I think: "I could be out there right now shooting amazing things". BUT NO. I sit on my desk like everyone else working in an office.

Please guys, give me some advice on what I should do spend more time doing what I love, and that is being behind the camera.


You have to find a good editor that you can partner with. Some people just LOVE to edit, while others just LOVE to shoot.

If you're working on a paid project then you will have to either split the budget, or come to some financial agreement that works for both of you.

June 2, 2015 at 11:41AM

Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

I am in the same boat, because mostly working as one-man-band. Agree with post above completely. Already have a backlog of projects I shot. So far didn't find anyone willing to do free post for me...

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Vladimir Pcholkin

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