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How to Make a Music Video & Survive the Music Business

So you want to make music videos. Want to follow in the foot steps of David Fincher, Mark Romanek and Spike Jonez? It’s not a bad plan at all. Many filmmakers start off in music videos. It’s a great place to get experience, learn the tools and experiment.

I’ve directed a few music videos in my day and have worked in some capacity on hundreds over the years. I wanted to do an episode where I breakdown my process for making a music video. The music video in question is for the band Ozomatli and the stand up comic Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy.

Gab and I have done a few projects together over the years, two of which were music videos, Hey It’s Fluffy and Stand Up Revolution.

I had an absolute ball shooting both. Today we will be dissecting Stand Up Revolution, which was for his Comedy Central show “Gabriel Iglesias Presents: Stand-Up Revolution.” It was a large production for me and I learn a ton.

I breakdown the process of making the music video and discuss the dark side of music videos…the business!

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