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How to shoot in "birdman" style?

How can we make multiple footage clips look like a single take such as in Birdman?
Assuming that the footage clips were shot in a way that the end of the first clip is almost matching with the beginning of the next clip (for example a pan into a wall)
is there like a software that could find the matching (or almost matching) frames and create the transition between them?

It doesn't seem super hard to me if planned well because not only it was in Birdman but also saw it in this music video:


Here's my attempt:

This was not planned in advance, so I had to improvise. In Birdman, most transitions I remember are 1) swipe cuts, 2) someone/something coming across the camera 3) camera movement stops on something, from where you can continue in the next shot. I used all three methods, but, because it was essentially an event coverage/BTS footage, some of the swipes etc. are a bit unmotivated. Nevertheless, it was fun to try :) The band will make their own video from the footage in a more traditional way, I just made this for myself.

As far as software, I just matched frames by hand in PP. Most important is that I kept exposure the same, so only the geometry needed to be matched. If shots are planned out, everything should be easier, and you can attempt slicker moves, like going into time-lapse, etc...

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Almosh Taltosh

I know this video was cut (on set) in After Effects in 2005.
It had to be done on set to check whether the cut was seemless.
I'm not sure however, whether they cut the proxies from the video assist (because a lot of musicvideos were still shot on film), just to check and later cut the scanned film for real.

You will have to find the right frames yourself, AFAIK.
Go ahead and find out the number of cuts in this video ;-)

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Wow, that was pretty cool. It had to have over 20 cuts, like they masked out and tracked everytime a door or performer crossed frame. I wonder how they were able to get the framing so close on what seemed to be a steadicam.

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Shooting 5k, and editing in a 1080 timeline with room to play with frame.

May 18, 2016 at 2:02PM

doman nelson
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