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I want to go into the Industry to make movies, should I do it?

Hey, I'm at the ripe age of 17 and as society prepares to throw me out into the real world I have been hit with the personal dilemma of wanting to be a filmmaker. I love movies, always have and always will. Even as a child I would make /very/ shitty films on camcorders. Down in my heart I know this is immensely what I want to do for a living, but is it possible? All of my peers are discussing their futures and nobody I know is interested in a creative outlet like me. I feel so isolated and I almost think it is risky to consider this career path. Another hardcore issue is I am nothing special, I have no edge that can set me apart from any other persons if they decided to just make a movie. I think of all the directors I look up to, that I aspire to create like, but none of them lived with mediocrity. Every director that I am inspired by never settled for crap, and I want to be like that too! How though, I am not creative, intelligent, or intuitive. Perhaps my problem is that I want to achieve greatness in the field of that which I love the most, but I don't think I can. I don't really like the idea of film schools, but I couldn't afford them regardless. On top of that, I would absolutely loathe just doing shitty work on like Television type stuff all day. It just seems like such a self destructive career for me to even attempt and I am really stressed out about it. Is there such a thing as film maker apprenticeships, could I ever find a Director to work under the wing of, to teach me their craft?


I won't tell you what to do, but remember that there's tens of thousands of people wanting to do what you want to do. Even in my relatively small market, any job opening gets hundreds of applicants from all over the country. What will YOU do to get noticed over the rest? Will you be willing to work horrible/random hours for barely above minimum wage (or less than minimum wage for freelance work)? Can you handle rejection well? Do you make friends easily and handle stress gracefully? Somehow, when film became uncommon, the number of "film" makers increased 1000x in an already crowded industry. Most of them bust their butts for months to make projects that will ultimately be seen by a few dozen people simply because there's too much content competing for viewers.

It's still possible to become a successful person in the industry but you need to be something special and have really good connections with established professionals. I'm not especially creative and don't even have particularly good people skills. I AM, however, technically well-versed and am on friendly terms with people in the industry. So when positions open, I get INVITED to apply. Before I made those personal connections, I would actively seek production jobs all over the place and nobody would bat an eye.

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Dude, I say go for it! What goods a dream if you don't chase it? You're young. Young people do risky things all the time. If you wanna do it go for it! And stop talking down to yourself! Negative thoughts will only hurt you and discourage you! If you think you have what it takes to get there then go after it! Make a film! Filmmakers make films! In fact, you already are one and it seems like that's what you really are inside. Also, don't listen to anyone that tells you how likely it is that you will get to where you wanna go! Anyone that tells you things like is full of shit. I mean yeah, its hard to get into Hollywood but that's not a reason to give up on your dream. That should be a reason for you to pursue that dream because when you get there you can show everyone how wrong the were and you'll be very proud that you made it. Just do it! Stop bullshitting and just do it!

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