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Indie Film School Online - Film Directing Courses

To be a filmmaker and storyteller you must always be honing your craft and continuously be learning. This is why I decide to put to a resource of the BEST online filmmaking courses in one place. Each page will be dedicated to different skills you'll need to be a well-rounded artist, storyteller, entrepreneur and filmmaker.

Film Direction is a dark art n the film business. Now you can learn from legends in these film direction online film school courses.

Here are some of the courses:


Produced by George Lucas & Randal Kleiser, this series of lectures is from Nina Foch’s film directing class conducted at the University of Southern California. The lectures, organized into sections, cover script analysis, casting, directing, and acting. Learn from Nina & implement her ideas. You’ll be amazed how far she can take you.

Who can benefit from Nina Foch’s course? Directors? Absolutely. Actors? Yes. But, it’s equally valuable for writers, editors, producers, and anyone with more than a passing interest in the art and craft of filmmaking. This material can be used for an entire course, as part of a course, or a rich reference source to immerse yourself in your craft.


Ever wondered what it's like to be a film director, and what to takes to make great movies? Want to get your own films and videos to sing, whether purely for hobby or commercial intent? Now's a rare chance to accompany a 20-year film veteran taking you literally step-by-step through 4 days of planning, shooting and editing a short film.

Anyone in the film and TV business knows that THIS is the way to learn the real skills and tricks of the trade. People spend years assimilating the knowledge you'll get in this course in a matter of just 5 hours! If you really want to know how a professional director approaches filmmaking and editing, you're going to want to take this course.

Directing Courses:

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