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Indie Film Weekly Podcast Q+A - What are your Questions? Ryan and Liz will answer on air!

Hey guys,

Jon from NFS here. If you don't know by now, we have a weekly news show - https://soundcloud.com/nofilmschool/sets/indie-film-weekly - and we're going to be opening up a new segment where we answer any questions you may have about the filmmaking process/certain gear/current industry news etc.

If you have any questions just add them to the comments section of this thread and we'll go through to select a couple each week! Ask away.

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Hey team, I've made a few shorts and before attempting a feature I'm contemplating a web series (something I previously had little interest in). You've talked about them a bit before and I just wondered if you could discuss the pros and cons, the industry perception of them and the kind of thing that stands out?

Love the podcast and the site, many thanks! Scott from Scotland.

P.S. my current plan is a neo-noir mystery series set in Edinburgh and I'm aware that these things do tend to be comedies, so it might be a harder sell.

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