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Just completed a £1500 feature film!

I've just completed a feature film, made in about a year and a half for £1500. Would love a little feedback on the below although I cannot share the full film at this time.

TITLE: Tone Death

SYNOPSIS: Believing he’s found the frequency that will free human consciousness, a disturbed techno producer builds a machine that kills people with sound.

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0OcpSYYv2U
Trailer still needs a few tweaks.

WEBSITE: bigriverfilms.wixsite.com/tone-death
The above website is still under construction :)

We decided to shoot in a somewhat lo-fi, documentary style in order to keep costs down. It's very British, a bit crass and certainly our specific sense of humour. At this point, I love the film despite its flaws but I wonder how a more general audience will feel.

Due to the fact that the films dialogue was improvised, there is a lot of swearing. Hopefully not a huge issue for festivals but certainly something we should have realised on the shoot.



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Please can a moderator delete this thread as the information is no longer relevant.

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