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Just got a grant to buy some gear. Can you help us out with our list?

At the moment we have two gh4's, some lights, and a slew of old vintage lenses.

Here's what we're considering thus far:
- x3 rokinon cine primes + metabones
- Ronin-M
- sennheiser wireless lavs
- Zoom H6
- Rode NTG-3

I'm mainly concerned about the lenses. Thoughts? Should we go with some canon zooms (24-70), we mostly shoot documentary type content. I think it'd be nice to have some primes but are the rokinons really any good?

What else might be a good thing to consider?



The Rokinon lenses produce a nice image. Otherwise there are the Veydra Cine Primes which are dedicated Micro 4/3 prime cine lenses. You can't use Veydra primes with any kind of adapter because they are made to ONLY fit Micro 4/3 cameras. They are all metal design and extremely sharp. ( I have heard that some people find them to be too sharp, but I haven't had a chance to actually shoot with them myself, so I can't confirm this )

Another lens to consider is the Sigma ART 18-35mm f/1.8 zoom lens that you can buy in either Canon or Nikon mount, and works just fine with a Metabones SpeedBooster adapter.

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

Depends what kind of work you do. All these ideas are good but not for every job. If you do documentary I would go for a lav mic, a rode video mic pro and an all in one stabilize lense so you can go for run and gun shoots.

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Jeremy, hard to say what gear you should get/consider. Depends what you shoot, what your particular needs/problems are, what gear you already have, how good the gear you have is.

I reckon most people would look at your list and say, "Get sound! Definitely get sound!" If you've got image covered already (because your camera is fine, your lenses are fine), but you don't have any sound gear at all, then adding sound will make a big difference to your production value.

As to what sort of sound gear to get, and which bits of gear... Really "just depends" again.

If you've got a guy to operate a boom pole, a shotgun or hypercardioid will give you great sound. This is how it's done even on productions with huge budgets after all. If you're relying on in-camera sound a lot, a shotgun is also a good choice. Personally, I use lav mics for most of my sound.

All the gear you mention is fine -- Zoom H6 is a great recorder, Sennheiser lavs are pretty standard, NTG3 is fantastic. You can definitely buy cheaper that will probably do the job (for instance, Tascam DR-100 recorder, Sony UWP lav mics, NTG1), but there are features the more expensive gear has that the cheaper gear doesn't.

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Adrian Tan

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