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'kop' (head), a short film

dear no-film-school readers and writers,

during the end of last year, i shot my first short film. i've pushed myself to go through the whole proces as good and ambitious as i could, and got some great help from very talented people along the way: cameraman, art-direction, graphic design, etc.
in the end, i did the montage, music and directing myself.

my intention has never been to send this film to festivals. first and foremost, i wanted to experience the making of a film, and then show it to friends, small gatherings and some online community's, in order to get feedback: advice, inspiration.

a friend of mine showed me this website last week, and after reading some articles and posts, i got really excited. i think this is a good place to show my film and get a conversation going.

so... all is welcome.
let me know what you think, feel and see:


‘kop’ (head) was shot within three days at kootwijkerzand, holland. this relatively vast stretch of dunes and underbrush is surrounded by a thick forrest and is quite a unique place. it influenced the development of the idea and different visual elements a lot.

we worked with a young and very motivated team.
as this was my first short film, we felt free to experiment and improvise freely on the script (that mostly consisted of drawings and photographs) and with the final form.

the result is an esthetic, poetic and playful short film about two people and their feelings towards each other, the head and their environment.

we learned many things during the production proces, and we hope you will enjoy the film.

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