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Looking to Sell Most of My Gear.

Hey NFS folks,

Longtime lurker here, first time posting.

The short story is I'm looking to sell most (if not all) of my camera gear to fund my next project. I know some of you might ask "but how can you do a project without gear?". I'm working with a DP who has his own stuff, better than mine, and as a director, I'm not doing the kind of run and gun projects I did in college with the equipment I have, so I want to put it to good use in the hands of people who need it.

I have:
Canon 7D (first one) and two standard zooms, 18-55 & 28-135, and a nifty 50. There's also an off brand battery grip, 4 batteries, 2 CF cards,

Sony A6000, with two batteries. No lenses.

Fujifilm X Pro 1, 3 lenses: 35mm 1.4, Rokinon 24mm 1.4, and Rokinon 85mm 1.4 (not a very video oriented camera, I know, but still looking to pass it on).

The Sony is in almost new condition, only used once or twice. The Fuji is working good but cosmetically looks beaten up. And I've had the 7D since 2012 so it's been through a lot. I'd give it a 7/10.

Message me if you're interested in any of this gear, I'm willing to negotiate on price.

(I'm located in the New York City area just btw)

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How much for the A6000? I trid to message you, but couldn't figure how to :/

March 27, 2016 at 2:28PM


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