September 10, 2015 at 11:10AM


Looking for Video Mashup Artists

We're a startup looking for up and coming video remix artists. We're building a destination site for mashup/remix artists -- creators on our platform will have access to premium content (will be able to incorporate movie clips, songs, news footage, etc. into their work in a legal and monetizable way) and creation tools to make the process easier. We're also creating a central destination for audiences to access this art form and looking to highlight both remix culture and the creatives in this space.

Our platform will initially launch as invite-only; we're currently working with the top creators in this space and are looking for burgeoning new artists to complement our group of early access creators. In addition to creating content for our launch, we're also looking to this creator pool to provide feedback on the service/features we're building.

Any suggestions on the best places to find this type of new talent/people interested in participating (local meetups, other sites where videomakers congregate, etc.)? We're located in Los Angeles (local artists are preferred) but many of our creators are located abroad (UK, Australia, etc.). If you're personally interested in being considered, please leave your contact info and links to your work.

Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from the NFS community!

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