February 10, 2017 at 4:33PM


Lots of Lenses! - Tests with the VariCam LT

Hey all. This is totally non-scientific but I threw together a test with a bunch of different lenses, shot on the VariCam LT.
I put some final thoughts about half way through just breaking down the differences I saw in the lenses, but again, not scientific, just brief overviews.
Lenses Used: Canon Cine Primes, Leica R Duclos Cine-Mod, Xeen Cine Primes, Zeiss Otus, Sigma 18-35, Vintage Cooke Speed Panchros, and Zeiss ZF.2 Duclos Cine-Mod.
If you want to nerd out on lens characteristics, have a watch!
One thing I will say - we were also shooting with an Arri Alexa and Red Epic-W Helium 8K, and the lenses changed the look for more than the cameras did, to my eye at least.

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