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Media Composer: to buy or not to buy? (in my case) or FCPX?

When i used to work for broadcast we used to use Media Composer with a Turnkey system and Final Cut (5-7) for news reels with quicker turnarounds. Then Final Cut X happened.

I continued to use Media Composer with post houses and larger projects. Tho time consuming It was a simple/organized systematic workflow.
For my personal workstation i went right with the FinalCut Crossgrade Special (40%) off and went to Premiere Pro/AE/Photoshop Production Package for about $899. It was still version CS5 and no Cloud offerings.
I've added alot more software and hardware in my workflow as my jobs became more demanding.
I've gone from AE to a combination of AE, C4D, and occasionally some more complex channel work on Nuke.
recently was forced to learn Maya due to a special fx plugin especially developed for a specific job.
Been using (not owned) DaVinci Resolve since around V5~6 on linux to now v12 on OSX but it looks like we're going Baselight next year.
However, I haven't turned back to evaluate my NLE since.

If it ain't broke don't fix it right?
It's an amazing all in one package from start to finish at a low price ($49/month)
But i have been dealing with many many export issues and preparing files for other applications.
-One, the codec on adobe is terrible. For in-house finishing, many times we're reconforming in Smoke, and compressing with Compressor.
-Secondly,working with other houses, EDL/XML and session trimming always has some issues and is very slow. I end up going back and forth repeatedly with the TechOps solving issues and even fixing EDL's in text edit manually at times.
-I do see more and more people using FCPX on real projects. Other applications adding better XML support as well.
-as i do more work on Alexa cameras, i do see most of the footage being prepared for an Avid editorial workflow.
-Adobe products seems to have a hard time on the new apple trashcans.

Premiere has been great for some time now (tho is crashes a lot).
but im wondering if i should stop relying and using one NLE all the time. Is it worth trying some workflows and cutting on avid or fcpx?

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i jump between Premiere and Avid with no issues. I just make sure the codec is the same.

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Sathya Vijayendran

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