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Media Composer: to buy or not to buy? (in my case) or FCPX?

When i used to work for broadcast we used to use Media Composer with a Turnkey system and Final Cut (5-7) for news reels with quicker turnarounds. Then Final Cut X happened.

I continued to use Media Composer with post houses and larger projects. Tho time consuming It was a simple/organized systematic workflow.
For my personal workstation i went right with the FinalCut Crossgrade Special (40%) off and went to Premiere Pro/AE/Photoshop Production Package for about $899. It was still version CS5 and no Cloud offerings.
I've added alot more software and hardware in my workflow as my jobs became more demanding.
I've gone from AE to a combination of AE, C4D, and occasionally some more complex channel work on Nuke.
recently was forced to learn Maya due to a special fx plugin especially developed for a specific job.
Been using (not owned) DaVinci Resolve since around V5~6 on linux to now v12 on OSX but it looks like we're going Baselight next year.
However, I haven't turned back to evaluate my NLE since.

If it ain't broke don't fix it right?
It's an amazing all in one package from start to finish at a low price ($49/month)
But i have been dealing with many many export issues and preparing files for other applications.
-One, the codec on adobe is terrible. For in-house finishing, many times we're reconforming in Smoke, and compressing with Compressor.
-Secondly,working with other houses, EDL/XML and session trimming always has some issues and is very slow. I end up going back and forth repeatedly with the TechOps solving issues and even fixing EDL's in text edit manually at times.
-I do see more and more people using FCPX on real projects. Other applications adding better XML support as well.
-as i do more work on Alexa cameras, i do see most of the footage being prepared for an Avid editorial workflow.
-Adobe products seems to have a hard time on the new apple trashcans.

Premiere has been great for some time now (tho is crashes a lot).
but im wondering if i should stop relying and using one NLE all the time. Is it worth trying some workflows and cutting on avid or fcpx?


"It's an amazing all in one package from start to finish at a low price ($49/month)"

I'm flabbergasted at how many people actually say AND believe that. I don't get it. How exactly is that a LOW price? You do realize, that had you subscribed on day one, you would have spent OVER $2100 to date, right? With Avid it would be even more! And obviously that's going UP by the day. You'd be cruising towards your *8th* FCP X license in terms of cost. And that's INCLUDING Motion and Compressor.

I have no real opinion on Premiere, because I haven't used it beyond maybe CS5, nor will I ever use it again as long it's on a subscription basis. Since I for one am NOT interested in paying Adobe literal ransom money FOR MY OWN WORK. Because never forget: the day you want to switch elsewhere or are just fed up with all the purported bugs and/or the overpriced Ponzi scheme style subscription model, that's the same day you are locked out of all your data! At least with Avid it's not quite as harsh, but not a stich better either in the end.

I say, get the trial version of FCP X and spend a few bucks on basic TRAINING (best: rippletraining.com) and see for yourself if it does what you need… but I can't think of anything that it can't that could be relevant to 99% of above average editor's everyday needs, even if it's with side-car apps. But that's for you to decide. It certainly couldn't be a COST factor! ;-)

But then, considering the age of this post, you will probably already have figured matters out for yourself.

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i jump between Premiere and Avid with no issues. I just make sure the codec is the same.

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