May 29, 2015 at 10:37AM


Minimalist camera rigs with vintage glass

Well we all have seen examples of Rube Goldberg ( camera rigs, I am interested if you have a minimalist rig, one to grab and use, instead of futz with?

I am trying to work it out for myself, so far am using:
Cowboy studio shoulder rig
follow focus
7" lilliput monitor
cage with quick release
1 or 2 led lights
I shoot mostly indoors.
when shooting outdoors like I am tomorrow will eliminate (no pun intended) the led lights
Big question on my mind is using a loupe vs using a monitor.
I think that using a ff with vintage glass a must, but your experience can be different?
I am not asking you to answer any question as much as to have a discussion on what you use and why?

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