September 15, 2015 at 4:44AM


Modest Proposal

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to get into the film making industry. I’ve worked on a few projects, but I’m still trying to get more experience. I’m looking for professionals to work with. The projects might be narrative, documentary, fine art, commercial… nearly anything really. If you are good at what you do and have the experience and knowledge, I’m willing to fly myself to anywhere you’d need me to, sort out my own accommodations, feed myself, etc… in short, if the project and the people working on it are good, I’ll essentially work for nothing.
I want to learn and to build up my resume, and in return I’ll work for free. I’m primarily focusing on the cinematography side of things, as this is where most of my prior experience lies and I have the most interest in, but I’m also very happy to consider projects where I’d be working with post-production editing, sound, and writing. If you have other ideas for me that I haven’t thought of, I’d be interested to hear them. I also have some very decent equipment I can contribute the use of.

As for me: I’m intelligent, intuitive, handy, quick-to-learn, literate, tactful, able-bodied, culturally sensitive, and able to work well with people.

I’m currently based in Tokyo, Japan, and would be especially interested in projects going on in Asia, but I’m willing to travel anywhere for the right project. I’m quite well traveled and am comfortable in unfamiliar cultural environments.

I’m honestly not sure what else to say at this point. If my proposal is of interest, please let me know so we can talk.


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Hey Eric, I would be careful to make sure that any project you get involved with is high quality work and that the company has a good track record.

Here in Toronto ( Canada ) I see lots of "intern" film related jobs posted where the company is simply looking for free labor and will likely teach you nothing useful.


September 15, 2015 at 1:02PM

Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

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